iTestMic (30 Pin)

Plugs Directly into iOS Device
For iOS products with 30 pin connector

 Regular Price: $229

 price today: $199

The iTestMic is an innovative test and measurement device that plugs directly into the Apple 30-pin connector. It uses very little power while providing convenient and quality measurements.

This test and measurement microphone works with the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch 4, and any iPad. For measurement software, please see here.

To use other high quality test and measurement microphones with AudioTools, please see the iAudioInterface2 here.

Microphone Details
Frequency range: 20 – 20,000Hz ±3dB
Tip diameter: 13 mm (.5 inches)
Length: 145 mm ( 5.7 inches)
Gain Ranges:
  27 – 105 dBA
  48 – 120 dBA
Power Consumption: less than 50 ma
Pattern: Ominidirectional