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Instrumentation Microphone

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 C-550 H

A precision omnidirectional measurement microphone by Josephson
Engineering that is thermally conditioned for stability and manufactured in California. These mics are individually calibrated and matched for
sensitivity at the Josephson facility. The nose diameter fits nominal
½" calibrators perfectly. This is an excellent product and a great value for an
instrumentation microphone and is supplied with a mounting clip and vinyl pouch.

For an individually calibrated mic, select the C-555H. It comes with a serialized USB stick containing the calibration file in FRD format. The data is on-third octave measurement points from 5 Hz to 25KHz.

Frequency range: 20 – 20,000Hz
Phantom voltage: 15 – 50 volts
Connector: 3 pin XLR, pin 2 positive
Impedance: 50 ohms
Output level: 10 mV/Pa
Maximum SPL: 135 dB