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Iasys® HT with HT-100 Home Theater Analyzer


The Iasys HT is a new class of audio measurement and system setup tool. For the operator it is easy and fast both to use and to learn. It is easy because sophisticated "fuzzy logic" software within the Iasys HT reads and adjusts to different environments. It is fast because Iasys HT runs many tests completely automatically, while the operator is doing something else. It then recommends specific answers for the audio system instead of requiring interpretation of confusing charts. All hardware and software is included within the Iasys HT.
Iasys HT owners are invited to attend AudioControl's "Train In the Rain" acoustic calibration training.

BODA - Featured In

  • Provides Answers, Not Just Data
  • Ideal For Calibrating a Multi-Channel Home Theater System
  • Automatic Testing Simplifies User Training
  • Measures Frequency Response, Acoustic Flight Time, and Channel Levels
  • Displays Speaker Polarity and Coherence for Each Channel
  • Manual Signal Generator Test to Find Room Resonance and Rattles
  • Parallel Printer Port for System Documentation
  • Includes HT-100 Audio Signal Router
  • Rugged Chassis for Durability on the Jobsite
  • Includes Soft Carrying Case
  • 5 Year Warranty