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Six Channel
Digital Crossover / Equalizer with Memory

The six inputs on the DQXS allow it to interface with a multitude of source units, whether they have two, four, our six output channels. The DQXS’s programming menu actually allows a user to select an input configuration that optimizes the systems performance. Additionally, the DQXS is equipped with high impedance inputs, which means it can accept high wattage signals from most factory installed source units and amplifiers.

The DQXS begins with AudioControl’s full compliment of equalization controls. The front and subwoofer channels offer precise, one-third octave spaced constant-Q equalization for each channel plus two completely programmable parametric equalization controls. The rear channels also have two completely independent parametric equalizers plus  19 one-half octave spaced controls per channel. All told, the DQXS offers users a total of 142 equalization filters!

Additionally AudioControl has equipped the DQXS with a full 3-way electronic crossover. A user has the ability to send signals to front highpass, front bandpass, rear highpass and subwoofer outputs. An exclusive AudioControl feature, the Programmable Frequency Match ( PFM ) subsonic filter is also provided to minimize any infrasonic signals from compromising the performance of the system. Given that the DQXS is digitally controlled, a user can easily select crossover points in precise 1/12-octave increments.

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  Key Features

Six Channel Three-way Crossover

  Six Input and Eight Output Channels
  One-third Octave and One Half Octave Equalization Controls per Channel
  Two Parametric Equalizers per Channel
  142 Total Equalization Filters

Outputs for Front Highpass, Front Bandpass, Rear Highpass, and Subwoofer Outputs

  24dB/octave Linkwitz Riley Alignment Crossover Slopes
  Eight User Programmable Memories
  Utilizes an Audio Enhanced DSP
  Output Level Controls
  Input for Optional DDC (Digital Dash Control)
  System Design Applications
  Clarity, Front and Rear
  Brilliant Clarity, Detail, and On-the-go Adustment
  Brilliant Sound without Touching the Dashboard

All crossovers and equalization settings can be saved and or recalled by a user from one of eight non-volatile memory locations. Optionally, the DQXS can be operated from the drivers seat or other location using AudioControl’s DDC (Digital Dash Control) which is sold separately. Released earlier this year, the DDC is a DIN shaped control that allows remote operation of most AudioControl digital processors.

All AudioControl autosound components are backed by our industry leading, FIVE year parts and labor warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. 

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