HDMI over CAT-5 / 6

Deliver HDMI Over CAT-5/6
As the pioneers of Audio and Video over CAT-5 and CAT-6, you can trust that AudioControl's BVHD-10 system will accurately and reliably extend HDMI signals over CAT-5 or CAT-6 up to 150 feet.  The BVHD-10 sends HDMI v1.3 over a pair of standard CAT-5/6 cables, providing more flexibility in the installation and offering a much more affordable and compact solution than attempting to use standard expensive HDMI cable.

The Power to Go The Distance
The BVHD-10 system includes the HDD-10 sender, HDR-10 receiver, and a 12-volt Wall Plug Power Supply, which powers both units from either end, making installation even easier.  Utilizes unique adaptive equalization technique for automatic signal restoration.

Bulletproof Reliability
The BVHD-10 system is designed and built at our factories in the Pacific Northwest Rainforest to ensure product performance, and is backed with our Bulletproof 5 Year Warranty.

Key Features

  • Newest Generation HDMI Signal Processing
  • Active and Automatic Signal Restoration 
  • LED Confirmation of Valid Connections and Data Transfer
  • Long Cable Length: Up to 150 feet for 1080p, 200 feet for 1080i
  • Accomodates all HDMI/HDCP v1.3 Signals
  • Locking HDMI Connector Type
  • Externally Powered for Best Performance
  • Special Static Protection on All Inputs and Outputs
  • 5-Year Warranty When Dealer Installed
  • Designed and Manufactured at the    AudioControl Factory in the Pacific Northwest Rainforest of the U.S.
22410 70th Avenue West
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043  USA