Architect Model 860

  Architect Model 860

  Multi-Zone Amplifier / Equalizer

The Architect Model 860 is a 12 channel, 720 watt power amplifier for multi-zone installations where space, cost and reliability are prime considerations.

With their very efficient design and extensive protection mechanisms, these amplifiers are built to provide a lifetime of trouble-free service. In addition, the Architect Model 860 has 12 channels of custom spaced, 6 band equalization for small speaker tuning.

Each of the 12 amplifier channels of the Architect Model 860 are discrete and fully 60 watts per channel (all channels driven). Each pair of channels has signal sense mute control (which may be defeated) and input gain controls. With durability in mind, each channel has built in limiting, plus short circuit and DC offset protection. The over temperature protection first restricts the volume allowing the amplifier to cool down and only in extreme cases shuts down channel pairs.

All protected mechanisms automatically reset so that program disruptions are minimized. Channel status LEDs on the front of the units show at a glance normal or protected operation. The Architect Model 860 has been completely thought out for trouble free operation and extensively field tested.

The Architect Model 860 saves a significant amount of rack space. There are four channels of amplification for each rack space. With its built-in 12 channels of equalization, the Architect Model 860 saves what otherwise could be a full rack of products.

These products are proudly built in the Pacific Northwest and carry a five year warranty.

  • 720 Watts Total Power
  • 12 channels of Discrete Amplification
  • No Fan Needed with High Efficiency Design
  • LightDrive Limiting Protection Circuitry
  • Over Temperature, Short Circuit, and DC Offset Protection for Individual Channels
  • Channels Bridgeable to 120 Watts
  • Signal Sensing Mute Control on Each Channel Pair
  • High Pass Filter, Programmable on Channel Pairs
  • Patented Power Supply (Patent No. 5,708,577)
  • Independent or Bussed Inputs
  • Input Gain Controls by Pairs
  • Remote Power Control Input
  • Channel Status LEDs on Front Panel
  • Switchable Ground Isolation, 3 Positions
  • Compact, Three Rack Size
  • Heavy Duty Rack Mount Standard
  • 6 Band Custom Equalization for Small Speaker
  • 5 Year Warranty