Room Correction Processor - Diva



Programmable 24 bit Digital Audio Enhancement System

Almost 30 years spent chasing acoustic perfection in home theater systems leads to the most powerful room correction processor ever developed. The Diva Room Correction Processor makes acoustic perfection in the home a possibility.  The Diva allows Certified Installation Technicians to digitally compensate for room variables and take the sound beyond the walls.  8 channels of sound processing including equalization (Parametric and Graphic), digital delay, crossovers, filters, limiters, and lip synch provide full control during acoustic calibration.  Programmable memories allow for up to 20 custom acoustic settings.  With the Diva Room Correction Processor, you can take your audience beyond the walls of your home theater!

"The Diva is one of the coolest theater calibration processors on the market.  Nothing else gives you such precise control over the sound in a performance theater system."

-Allen Tremble, Acoustic Evolution

  • 8 Channels of Sound Processing
  • Parametric & Graphic Equalization for Each Channel
  • Digital Delays for Exact Speaker Alignment (Down to 1/100 Millisecond)
  • Fully Compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Formats
  • Adjustable Crossovers and Filters For Each Channel
  • Dynamic Compression Circuits
  • Limiter Settings
  • Programmable Lip Synch Settings (Down to 1/100 of a Millisecond)
  • 20 Customizable Memories
  • Available with XLR Balanced or RCA Unbalanced Connections

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