6XS 6 Channel Electronic Crossover

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6 Channel Electronic Crossover

The 6XS does it all. Sharp 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley alignment crossover with remote level control for the bass. Automode™ input switching automatically configures the 6XS for two, four or six channels of input with up to eight channels of output. Includes bass management with the Programmable Frequency Match (PFM) circuit and a high tech PWM power supply for maximum voltage in all conditions.

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  Key Features

Six Inputs plus Eight Outputs


State-Variable, 24dB per Octave, 2-way Active Crossover

CheckMark_FFA500.gif Audiophile Crossover Performance
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Output Level Controls
CheckMark_FFA500.gif High Voltage Outputs
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Low Impedance Line Driver
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Remote Subwoofer Level Control
  System Design Applications
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Bring Your Music With You
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Clean and Clear with some Bump in the Rear
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Put Yourself on the Podium
CheckMark_FFA500.gif The Aftermarket Premium Sound Upgrade
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Customize the Sound, Not the Dashboard
CheckMark_FFA500.gif You've Never Heard This from a Factory Stereo


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