LC8 Eight Channel Line Output Converter





Eight Channel Line Output Converter


The LC8 from AudioControl is the latest addition to our line of OEM interface products that connect aftermarket amplifiers with factory installed systems. The high impedance inputs of the LC8 will accept two, four, six or eight amplified speaker level channels (up to 400 watts!) and convert them to a high quality pre-amp signal.  The pre-amp signal can then be used to drive a superior after-market audio system, utilizing an OEM source unit.

In addition the LC8 has an internal summing circuit that allows the user to combine together selected channels making the LC8 ideal for newer vehicles that have factory-installed amplifiers with built-in electronic crossovers. 

Other installation friendly features include a unique signal sensing turn-on circuit and a 12-volt output for turning on aftermarket amplifiers. Most factory-installed systems do not have a separate 12-volt trigger to turn-on external processors and amplifiers. The LC8 actually monitors the signal at its speaker level inputs and when it senses an audio signal, it automatically powers up the LC8.  Once powered up, the LC8 in-turn provides a 12-volt output that can be used to turn on after market amplifiers and processors.


  Key Features
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Eight Input and Output Channels
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Speaker Level Inputs - Can Accept 400 Watt Signals!
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Channel Summing
CheckMark_FFA500.gif GTOTM - Signal Sensing Inputs
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Level Matching Controls
CheckMark_FFA500.gif High Current 12-Volt Trigger Output
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Input for Optional Subwoofer Level Control
  System Design Applications
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Give Me a Full Range Signal!

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The LC8 is also equipped with a connection jack for an optional subwoofer level control. This subwoofer dash control allows the user to increase or decrease the sub signal level. The LC8 can be installed behind the dashboard or in some other inconspicuous location, while the optional dash control can be placed where the customer can easily access it.

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