SA-3055 Real Time Analyzer and SPL Meter-DISCONTINUED

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Real Time Spectrum Analyzer and SPL Meter

Professional installers need the finest diagnostic equipment available. They need the equipment to make sure your car's audio system is in perfect harmony with your car's acoustical environment and your personal preferences. The AudioControl SA-3055 is the tool for this job. It allows your installer to get the very best out of your equipment.

Since 1977, AudioControl has been making audio test equipment and products to make systems sound better. No other company makes both. Our decades of knowledge and search for excellence shows in the products we sell and in the SA-3055 measurement instrument to insure that they are tuned to perfection.

  Key Features

Thirty Band Audio Analyzer

CheckMark_FFA500.gif Better-Sounding Installations
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Self-Contained, No Computer Required
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Built-In IASCA, USACi and SPL Countdown Scoring
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Rugged, Reliable Easy to Learn and Proven
CheckMark_FFA500.gif 136dB Standard Microphone
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Optional 180dB SPL Sensors
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Includes Battery Pack and Carrying Case


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