DISCONTINUED - EPIC-160 In-dash Car Audio Bass Processor and 160 dB SPL Display

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In-Dash Car Audio Bass Maximzer
and 160 dB SPL Display


If you want the best bass possible and a way to measure how loud your system is playing, the EPIC-160 in-dash car audio processor is the perfect product for you. The EPIC-160 is an expert combination of the bass enhancement circuits from The Epicenter along with a microphone and a 160-dB SPL (sound pressure level) display. The display will show real time SPL or hold the highest value so you can show your friends. It will also display voltage so you can monitor your vehicle's electrical systems. With AudioControl's unique Para-Bass equalization control, you select the frequency and bandwidth for the enhanced bass action. The EPIC-160 in-dash car audio processor gives you great bass and a way to see the result.

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The EPIC-160 uses The Epicenter’s bass restoration circuitry, which actually adds lower octaves of bass to any performance autosound system.  In addition, the EPIC-160 includes AudioControl’s Para-Bass equalization, which allows the user to fine-tune the bass response to their specific vehicle.  The net result is more bass…louder.


  Key Features
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Bass Maximization Circuitry from The Epicenter
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Chassis Mounted 160 dB Microphone and SPL Display
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Peak Hold Capabilities
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Para-Bass Equalization
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Speaker Level or Line Level Inputs
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Balanced Differential Inputs and Outputs for Maximum Noise Rejection
CheckMark_FFA500.gif High Headroom PWM Switching Power Supply
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Switchable Backlight Illumination Color (Green or Amber)
  System Design Applications

Great Sound You Can See

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In addition to allowing users to maximize their bass response, the new EPIC-160 offers a specially designed microphone mounted on the front panel that can measure up to 160 dB. The SPL is then shown on an LED display on the front panel of the EPIC-160.  Optionally, users of the EPIC-160 may select to see their SPL measurement constantly updating or in a peak hold mode.  The display also will show the systems power voltage with one tenth volt resolution. 

The EPIC-160 is housed in a convenient ½ DIN sized chassis with all of the user controls and microphone mounted on the front panel. Like most AudioControl products, the EPIC-160 provides speaker level inputs and the ability to output signal levels as high as 13-volts.

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