FOUR.1i In-dash Car Audio Equalizer with Auxiliary Input

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In-Dash Car Audio Equalizer with Auxiliary Input

If your performance car audio system is designed for maximum sound quality and maximum control, then the FOUR.1i is the car audio processor for you.  Designed to be the world’s first professional quality in-dash equalizer, the FOUR.1i bodes such features as 13 volt signal capabilities, a master volume control, and auxiliary inputs for secondary sources. In addition, five equalization controls give just the right amount of control for the user. AudioControl’s line of in-dash car processors offer features and functions that allow you to adjust and tweak your performance car audio system from the convenience of the driver seat.  Included are features like equalization, electronic crossovers, master volume control, and high voltage line drivers.
  Key Features
CheckMark_FFA500.gif 5 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Para-Bass Subwoofer Equalization
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Auxiliary Input
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Master Volume Control
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Front / Rear Fader
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Balanced Differential Inputs and Outputs for Maximum Noise Rejection
CheckMark_FFA500.gif High Headroom PWM Switching Power Supply
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Switchable Backlight Illumination Color
(Green or Amber)
CheckMark_FFA500.gif 13 Volt Peak Line Driver
  System Design Applications
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Bring Your Music With You
CheckMark_FFA500.gif Quickly Add Video to Your Radio

All AudioControl autosound components are backed by our industry leading, FIVE year parts and labor warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

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