DQX Digital Car Audio Equalizer and Crossover DISCONTUNUED


Digital Car Audio
Equalizer and Crossover

The DQX, digital car audio equalizer from AudioControl, is a great combination of   digital car audio processors maximized for performance car audio systems.  It combines the amazing digital EQ capabilities of the AudioControl DQT with a fully adjustable three-way electronic car audio crossover.

Each channel of the DQX offers thirty bands of one-third octave digital EQ plus two fully-adjustable parametric equalizers. In addition the DQX offers a 24 dB/octave car audio crossover that allows you to select the ideal frequency bandwidths for your system. All of these features are operated in the digital domain for maximum performance and sound quality.

Once you have made the EQ and crossover settings in your DQX digital car audio equalizer, you can store them in one of eight user-programmable memories.  This allows you to recall all of the equalization and crossover settings with the simple push of a button.
  Key Features

Digital Car Audio Equalizer and Crossover 

Two Input and Six Output Channels 

Thirty Graphic Equalization Controls per Channel
Two Fully Adjustable Parametric Equalization Controls per Channel
Three-way Digital Electronic Crossover
24 bit Digital Audio Processing
8 User-Programmable Memory Settings
  System Configuration Diagrams

2 Channel, 3-way System


Like other digital car audio processors from AudioControl, the DQT is powered by a state-of-the-art audio 24-bit DSP (digital signal processor) specially designed for performance car audio systems.  In addition all AudioControl digital car audio processors are designed and manufactured at our factory, located in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.  The coffee is warm and the weather is cold!

All AudioControl autosound components are backed by our industry leading, FIVE year parts and labor warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. 

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