Acoustic Analyzer Iasys®


Iasys (pronounced; I assist) is a fuzzy logic based audio analyzer. It gathers and processes acoustical information and delivers answers in real-time. Answers that can be addressed with the tools available to all audio professionals. Iasys does not require the knowledge of electro-acoustics, electronics or physics previously needed to decipher frequency/time domain analyzers. A wealth of experience and knowledge is tapped when the TEST button is pressed.
"Iasys is a well thought out device for anyone who designs, installs and operates audio computer necessary."
- Roger Williams III


  • System Design and Installation
  • System Tuning and Optimization
  • "Proof of Performance" Evaluation
  • Component Research
  • System Servicing and Reconfiguration


  • Easy to Use, Gives Answers
  • High-Speed Analysis
  • Portable and Rugged
  • Self-contained (No Computer Required)